PiYo: Day 7 (Sunday)- Rest Day!

Day of rest… sigh. i wish i got some PiYo in though! Woke up nice and early what with the 8pm bed time last night. started the day with a long walk with the dog and a beautiful sunrise! it was kind of warm outside and smelled like rain… love mornings like that!


Then had the rest of my caesar salad wrap that i didn’t finish last night- it was so yummy and a good breakfast while nursing my hangover. Had a productive business meeting and then headed to the farmer’s market & grocery store to get my food for the week. I absolutely love our farmer’s market!


Year round fresh produce?! Score!! Got some yummy persimmons but they’re not ripe yet so hopefully they’ll get nice and soft soon so i can make some pudding! Also got some delicious fresh juice to enjoy while perusing. i love fresh juices when i’m hungover… they feel like i’m giving my body back some of the things i took away!


Stopped by my favorite vegan food truck that was there and got some delicious poutine and a thanksgiving sandwich. definitely a good hangover meal but definitely not healthy!




Thanksgiving sandwich!

Also got some insane pastries that were agave sweetened and vegan. Funfetti cookie sandwich?! UMMM… stop that. and refined sugar free?! AND vegan!? and gluten free?! i mean honestly… san diego is like heaven. thanks Olive Oil Cafe!


so yeah. it was a fun sunday. but not very healthy. and continued the trend with going to see a movie and got popcorn & pop. ugggg! BUT so good. saw spectre, which was pretty entertaining. not my favorite but worth a watch. finally came home to do my food prep for the week and made loads of healthy delicious food to keep me on track for the rest of the week! made a yummy raw kale salad, whole wheat macaroni and bolognese sauce, and oil free, nut free pesto. ready to get back on track tomorrow!

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