PiYo: Day 5 (Friday) — Sweat

holy sweating buckets batman! So PiYo sweat is only 36 minutes long and i figured it would be pretty easy since i regularly do the PiYo live hour long session but let me tell ya- i can’t wait til this one starts getting easier! It’s really similar to the PiYo live format and you start with the traditional warmup then move on to heat building. Then you rock some lower body that seriously kills each leg before moving on to the core section. During the core section you’re doing some crazy long down dogs that really test the limits of my shoulders/back! Then the power section that once again kills your legs and brings your heart rate up! You end with stretch and strength which is some amazing stretching mixed in with about a million push ups. So overall this workout is at the core of PiYo- getting tons of flexibility while burning loads of calories and building strength in your upper body, lower body, and core all in one compact workout. love it so much!


had to run errands tonight so stopped at native foods for dinner to check out their new menu… tried the new burger that was a-ma-zing and covered in delicious jalapenos. nomnomnom. and had some fries dipped in a sriracha ranch blend. delicious but yeah… not the healthiest dinner i’ve ever had. in fact… pretty darn unhealthy. but so amazing! Got our xmas tree up too!! and did some work at night. overall a pretty productive day/night and aside from that unhealthy dinner did ok food wise!



Native Foods Southwest Burger

breakfast: shakeo + 1/2 banana (1 red, 1 purple)
snack: none
lunch: garlic & greens soup + dill dip + dilly rice + creamed kale (2 green, 1 red, 1 yellow)
snack: none
dinner: CHEAT! native foods deliciousness

tomorrow is going to be a totally lost cause… heading to a few wineries on a party bus that will also be full of wine… wish me luck!


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