Post Workout Food! What should you be eating?

Check out my periscope about post-workout food. When i was little it was always Papa Chris’ Place for a double hot dog or gyros (nobody told me what gyros was!). Definitely not healthy but when you’re like 10 you can get away with these types of things and not feel it too much during your next workout. nowadays, especially if you’re trying to train for something, you want to make sure you’re refueling your body with the best food for your body to reduce any muscle soreness and make sure you’re not gonna be lethargic for future workouts! Find what works for you! Brendan Brazier, triathlete creator of Vega and author of Thrive, recommends 1 part protein to 4 parts carbs and has some awesome recipes you can make yourself in his book! he also has a line of products you can buy if you don’t want to make your own (i love the recovery accelerator!). Bottom line: don’t undo all the hard work you just did by eating junk!!


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