Recovery Week: Thursday

So… no more max:30 journey posts. wah wah. I’ll start my PiYo journey on monday and until then i’ll just mix things up a bit with random workouts til then. Today i rode the bike at the gym, tomorrow i’ll do PiYo live round 40 or 41, Saturday I’ll do another PiYo live round, and sunday I’ll either take a rest day or go swimming at the gym depending on how my body feels (and how much time i have!).

I’m terrible at letting go of things… people, cards, old pictures, anything with any sort of sentimental value. But i need to get better at it. When i was training for the chicago marathon a couple years ago i remember the day i thought i had a stress fracture in my foot and i went to see a physical therapist. she told me she really shouldn’t let me run still but she’d get me to the race and then i’d have to take a break afterwards. I remember being SO relieved that i could still finish this crazy journey i had started. and then a few weeks later when i could barely walk and everything hurt so bad and every time i ran i wanted to cry i made a decision: i was quitting the race. it wasn’t worth it. giving up all my weekends for training and for what? a ton of pain? ruining my body potentially for future races? so i quit. i told my friends. i told myself. and i skipped my saturday morning run. and then i couldn’t quit. i did my runs the next week and came back for the next long run the following weekend. i just couldn’t let go. i should have… but i’m glad i didn’t. But seriously i should have quit. i just am terrible at letting go of things! So now i need to let go of this max:30 dream and not let it be an excuse for me not hitting my hard to reach 2015 weight loss goals. i *will* get there! i will NOT give up!

and on that note… finish the week strong and don’t forget to get in your workouts!!


Breakfast: Shakeo + cherries + cinnamon (1 red, 1 purple)
Snack: N/A
Lunch: CHEAT Bistro Steak Sandwich + fries + oatmeal cream pie from native foods
Snack: N/A
Dinner: CHEAT leftovers from lunch + salad

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