Recovery Week: Saturday

some days are so can’t stop won’t stop and you get so much done and it feels so amazing… and some days you just watch a lot of netflix and get a couple things done. today was one of the latter. woke up with GREAT intentions but started the day slow with some netflix and leftover papa johns. ug. i did submit an order to Kinkos that i was putting off for ages so glad to have that checked off! i finally worked out in the afternoon, which is weird for me since i love me a good morning workout, but glad i got it in. i knew i was going out later so wanted to make sure i got it in. my sister’s friend from college was celebrating his birthday by coordinating a half marathon that went to a bunch of different breweries… amazing idea! But we just met up with them at the last couple bars… thanks uber! maybe next year i’ll try the running part. i had a little taster beer, two full beers, and one half. got pretty loaded! the pizza rock in my stomach prevented me from eating too much of the bar food junk (truffle fries + pretzels) and as soon as i got home i dug into my bbq tempeh. can we just say how awesome it is to have healthy delicious food waiting for you at home?! meal prep what what! also good to have only healthy options because if i had any ice cream in the freezer, in my drunken state i would have definitely gone for that! But not even keeping it in the house prevents those kinds of accidents!

Pretty good day and i’ve been getting in lots of walks with my puppy so that’s been a fun way to make sure i’m moving a lot throughout the day. before my dog i rarely, if ever, hit 10k steps in a day when i was working from home and since i got him i think i’ve hit it every day. score! i mean i love my dog but things like this are definitely icing on the cake!!

SO i’m a huge fan of dark beers but i haven’t tried a ton of them, as i realized at these breweries. what’s your favorite dark beer?? AND did you hear Guinness is going vegan?! SCORE! i’ve never tried it but i hear good things and you can get it pretty much everywhere so that’s awesome. i love things like this… vegan beer isn’t a huge concern on my list of vegan concerns but i definitely prefer to drink beers i know are vegan for sure!!

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