Resolutions vs Goals

Did you make some 2016 resolutions? Already fall off the wagon? How about goals? did you set some goals? I bet they’re still in the works! This year I set some resolutions and made my list of 10 goals. To me a resolution is something like “work out more”… kinda vague and a general rule you’re trying to live your life by. A goal is something that has a deadline… something you can cross off a list. “Work out 5 times a week” is a resolution, not a goal, because you can never cross that off your list. A goal would be losing X pounds by Y date. At least that’s how I try to differentiate the two. BUT you have to write them down. on paper. not just on facebook. i’m telling you- it will make a difference! I take it to the next level with hanging it in my room so it’s always top of mind. Another rule for goal writing is you write them like you’ve already done them… not “i will lose 5 pounds by the end of the month”. Write “I lost 5 pounds by the end of January”. Trick your brain!

So here are my goals and resolutions for the year- I got some awesome chalk paper and chalk markers on amazon and i’m obsessed! i have chalk boards stuck up all around my house now!



and the beauty of the chalk? you can change things as things change! I have already changed up my goals to get rid of the resolutions from that list and replaced them with some concrete goals. So set your goals… write ’em down… and then get to work accomplishing them!

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