Running Shoes!!

Finding good running shoes is harder than finding a single guy in his 30s that has a job, works out, and loves life. OK… maybe not quite that hard (seriously though ladies… amiright?!) but finding those perfect shoes… those shoes that will hug your feet in just the right way and minimize the pain that sometimes comes with running? Definitely a challenge. And really by the time you find out they’re not your soulmate shoes it’s usually too late to return them. So how do you find good running shoes.

Go to a running store. Or just scour for some good ones online. Because it isn’t everyday that you come across this source, which also takes into consideration the inherent flat-footedness of human beings.

I know- it can be intimidating going into a running store where all the people that work there seem to speak a completely different language and look like they run daily ultra marathons… but trust me- it’s so worth it! They can watch you run or look at your current shoes to see if you need a certain type of running shoe. they’ll let you run in different shoes. They’ll make super helpful suggestions like getting super feet (which really are super) or trying on two different pairs of shoes at the same time and seeing which you really like more. i’ve had nothing but great experiences at running stores.

As far as brands go, there definitely isn’t a one-size-fits all approach here. I love my brooks, sauconys, and mizunos- they’re all awesome in their own ways. Personally I really like lighter shoes that don’t have toooooo much cushion in them. But everyone has different feet so try different styles, widths, brands, etc and find what works for you! (and you don’t have to BUY the shoes at the running store- you can find the ones you love and then get them online…)

The only factor you shouldn’t consider when making your purchase? COLOR! i know… it’s hard. but if you’re wearing these shoes for some serious running and not out and about you want to make sure they’re the right shoes for your feet… not for your instagram pictures. what’s your favorite brand of running shoes??

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