Staying on Track Over the Weekend

Do you struggle with staying on track with your nutrition over the weekend? I’m usually pretty awesome at it during the week but on the weekends i get so sidetracked!! Here are my top 3 tips to make sure you stay on track every weekend:


  1. PLAN your fitness. Schedule your workouts. Make time for them. Maybe that means waking up early. Maybe that means taking a rest day- as long as you plan it in advance you’re good to go! I am crazy and plan everything in my passion planner so every hour of every day is planned out. i know it sounds crazy but that’s the only way i can actually focus. So if that works for you, do it. if you need something else, do that. Just make sure you’re planning what ways you’re going to move your body over the weekend.
  2. PLAN your meals. Yep… do some prep work. make it *easy* on yourself! Over the weekend you’re more likely to be bouncing from place to place and not have a lot of time to make something healthy. avoid the temptation of the drive thru or ordering in, unless it’s planned. If you stay on track with what you have planned then you’ll feel so much better come monday morning and won’t feel like you’ve un-done all the hard work you put in during the week! If you’re heading out to eat check out the menu ahead of time- is there something you want to eat there? Is it worth the “cheat”? If not, eat before you go & just join the dinner to be social and hang out and talk! this doesn’t work in all social situations but once you do it, it gets easier, i promise!
  3. Drink your water!! During the week when I’m at my desk all day with my water bottle sitting next to me it’s easy to make sure i get enough water in. On the weekends I’m on the go a lot more so sometimes I forget to stay hydrated. But if you let yourself get dehydrated you can have a ton of negative side effects, one of which might be mistaking hunger for thirst! So make sure you make a point to stay extra hydrated over the weekend- especially if you’re having any adult beverages. Those will totally work against you calorie-wise and you don’t want them working against you hydration-wise too! So bring your water bottle everywhere you can! Trust me- you’ll thank me later!
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