Who Needs Olive Garden?!

12091158_1640575976223422_6027719067861404612_oBack in the day I loved me some olive garden! Unlimited soup + salad + breadsticks? ummm where do i sign up?! But their soup isn’t really that great, their salad dressing, while delicious, is chocked full of things i don’t want to put in my body (and now that i’m vegan it isn’t vegan!), and the breadsticks… well i can’t really say a bad word about their breadsticks except they’re not vegan. but dude… they’re delicious. on the plus side, i make the bomb breadsticks too! And the best salad dressing ever. and my homemade soups are killer! and i can have whatever kind of soup i want. and salad for that matter. so many possibilities! So this week I made some creamy “chicken” soup, salad with baby lettuces and protective diet daily dressing, and garlic + oregano breadsticks… aka the best things in the world. homemade breadsticks are the bomb! so next time you’re tempted to do olive garden consider whipping up your own tastier, healthier version!


Recipes I Used:

Cream of Chick’n Soup: http://protectivediet.com/cream-of-chickn-soup.html?affiliate=36

Breadsticks: http://protectivediet.com/garlic-lovers-bread-sticks.html?affiliate=36

Dressing: http://protectivediet.com/daily-dressing.html?affiliate=36

All of those are premium recipes and i totally recommend signing up for access! However if that’s not in your budget yet, i still have you covered! These are free recipes you could use to make the same healthy delicious soup + salad + breadsticks meal!

Creamy Potato Kale Soup: http://protectivediet.com/creamy-potato-and-kale-soup.html?affiliate=36

Homemade Pita Bread: http://protectivediet.com/whole-wheat-pita-bread.html?affiliate=36

Creamy Italian Dressing: http://protectivediet.com/creamy-italian-dressing.html?affiliate=36

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