Three Things I Learned My First Month as a Coach

I’m no pro but here are some quick tips I learned during my first month as a coach. Hope they help you as you start on your coaching journey!

You should try to get to emerald ASAP- like in your first month. I didn’t do this but I sure wish I did! It really jumpstarts your business and helps you see the potential- and results breed results! It’s easier to stay focused when you’re seeing results of your hard work.

Do your research. Learn about the business. Learn how to earn in the business- there are tons of videos and articles helping understand the business but you can’t be successful without knowing what that looks like.

Don’t underestimate the power of personal development. 15 minutes a day isn’t much at all but it really makes a difference! It keeps you focused and has your head in the right place to work your business. You can glean all sorts of gems from just reading for 15 minutes a day! I count listening to team calls or the national wake up call as personal development too- anything that helps me get better at helping people!

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