80 Day Obsession: Phase 3 Week 3

whoa. it’s insane to think about how far i’ve come with 80 day obsession after finishing the first two phases & now getting towards the end of phase 3!! Just 2 more weeks of this phase and then peak week and i’m DONE! bananas!

this is the first program in ages that i’ve stuck with, almost religiously. I did take a break for my half ironman and adjusted the schedule for my week long trip to cabo but i haven’t missed any planned workouts and that’s kind of amazing for me. making it happen!!

for phase 3 since i *am* doing so much triathlon training i’m subbing out the two cardio workouts even though cardio core is one of my favorites. i just need to make sure i get in a rest day & with those workouts added in i wasn’t getting one. so i’ll forego the fun jump rope abs HIIT workout and rock my long rides/runs/swims.

I have 100% seen myself getting stronger and noticing more definition in my muscles but you know what i haven’t seen? Progress on the scale or in my clothes fitting better. you know why? my nutrition! it hasn’t been nearly where i’d like it to be (i legit ate 4 WHOLE pizzas by myself in the last week alone). so this week  i’m committing to getting back on track with the 80DO nutrition plan. i’m not super strict about it because i know i’m doing a LOT more than the program dictates cardio-wise but i’d like to stay close & see what happens. back to the timed nutrition for me!

So below are my meal plans for the week. the only thing i’m not so sure about is the zucchini noodles + quinoa… it’s a weird combo so i don’t know if i’ll actually do it but i really want zucchini noodles & i need to add in a yellow A with them. hmm… we’ll see.

so i’m following the vegan meal plan D which means i get the following:

it’s tricky to figure out the right combos of things to eat at the right time. that’s the main difference, i think, between this program and 21 day fix style eating. For 21 day fix you get X number of reds/day, X number of yellows etc. But you can mix and match however you want. for 80 day obsession the goal is to get the right nutrients at the right times based on what time you do your workout. for me it’s a little trickier because, well, i am working out 2-3 times a day! so i do my best but sometimes need to adjust! Below is my goal for the week of meals… let me know if you want any more details on the recipes!

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