From TurboJam to TurboFire to TurboFitLife!

So I did ChaLEAN Extreme back in 2010 and that was really my gateway drug into fitness. And on one of the ChaLEAN DVDs there’s a TurboJam workout that I tried one day and my life was changed. I absolutely loved it!! It combined choreography (very simple repetitive stuff) with awesome music and energy and a HUGE calorie burn. I was head over heels. And then I saw an infomercial for TurboFire- the next revolution of TurboJam where you still have Turbos… but in a more intense program. Well… how could I resist?! I got it right away and loved it so much! I still love it and bust out the DVDs when I want a quick HIIT or fun dancy workout.


The idea behind TurboFire is basically HIIT training– short bursts of going ALL OUT- your complete max effort for a super short period of time- and then resting. There are longer DVDs that have some even state sections where you’ll go at 70-80% of your max or so and then you’ll go all out for a minute, rest for a minute, and then do another steady state. Wash, rinse, repeat. Other DVDs are as short as 15 minutes and have all HIITs- 90 seconds on, 90 seconds off, and repeat for the whole DVD (what “on” is varies every few minutes so it doesn’t get boring).


One thing I love about this program is all the short DVDs. So if you oversleep and only have time for that 15 minute HIIT DVD that’s OK- you still burn a ton of calories and guess what? HIIT style training helps keep your heart rate up even after your workout is done! So all day long you’re going to be burning more calories. How sweet is that?!


Another thing I love about it is how ridiculous I look when I’m doing the workouts. I like to have a mirror nearby when I’m working out so I can make sure my form is OK and I crack myself up when I’m doing these DVDs! I was a cheerleader back in the day so I have some pretty good coordination but coordination is one thing- looking cool while you’re doing a move is a completely different thing. And for your viewing pleasure, I’ve included my ridiculous fire throws. I feel so awkward when I’m rocking them, which makes me giggle to myself mid-workout. Working out already puts me in a great mood but laughing while I’m working out? Even better!

Interested in checking it out? Let me know and we’ll see if it’s the right thing for ya! I hope you fall as in love with it as I did!

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