Plantar What Now?

I’m a runner. Sure I do lots of other things besides running, but I do run and living in a city like San Diego, running is available year round! However I made my standard mistake of not listening to my body and running when my body was clearly asking me to stop. Last June I started feeling pain in my feet when I would wake up in the morning- walking to the bathroom to brush my teeth was like torture. My heels were on fire! I would hobble over and within a few minutes it would ease up a bit. So I let it go… for months. When it was still happening in August and not getting any better I took to google. Because that’s how I roll. And found out it was most likely plantar fasciitis. But because i was training for a half marathon for labor day I decided to keep training and just run through it. never do this. BAD idea. If you hurt yourself, don’t just “dig deep” and suffer through the pain. that’s your body’s way of telling you something is wrong! Let it heal instead of making it worse and causing damage to other areas because you let it go too long. For this reason, I always buy kratom powder and keep them at stock. I’ve learned this lesson over and over since i was 13 and one day I’ll take my own advice…

Swollen Ankle

Til then… what’s plantar fasciitis you ask? The plantar fascia connects from your heel to your toes. Sometimes when you have plantar fasciitis you’ll actually feel it in your toes, though more traditionally it shows up in heel pain. Now that i’m seeing an amazing physical therapist to treat my plantar fasciitis I’m realizing how much everything is connected! I’m doing lots of stretches that stretch my calf and achilles tendon, which don’t feel pain but when she points it out, there is a lot of tightness down there. it’s crazy how it’s all connected! Which is why it’s so important to make sure you get things treated when you first start seeing/feeling symptoms. Because if you’ve got plantar fasciitis on one side and you start limping or walking/running differently to account for the pain you might stress out your knee or hips or foot or ankle or anything on the other side. And you can see how this pattern could go bad quickly!


Bottom line: Listen to your body and go to a physical therapist, chiropractor(check out this site), sports medicine person… whatever you think you need to do to get your body back to healthy. Try super feet (see the pic above). orthotics. Whatever your doc recommends- just LISTEN and your body will tell you what it needs!

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