80 Day Obsession Week 4

It’s been a challenging first 21 days of adjusting to the higher demands of 80 day obsession- higher than any program i’ve ever tried before!! Not only are you doing super tough workouts but you’re also adjusting to a new way of eating. Trust the process. you get used to it!!

My huge saving grace is NOT trying to be perfect. knowing that with my lifestyle i will NOT be able to hit 100% perfection makes me not stress out too much when i skip a meal or drink a glass of wine. the world will still turn. i *know* my results won’t be exactly the same as they would’ve been if i stayed 100% perfect but i’m OK with that. I have to make it work for me and you have to make it work for YOU. What works for me (i shoot for 80% on plan eating) might be too much off plan for you. or it might not be enough.

here’s to kicking off the last week of phase 1 strong and finishing this phase with amazing results just in time to head to cabo!! and you guys… i’m not even gonna try to stick to a nutrition plan other than “do the best you can” in cabo! hahaha

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