Max:30 Day 6

So… I didn’t do any max:30 today but i did work out for 2.5 hours. so that counts for something, right?! Today was the BODathon challenge which meant doing four workouts in a row on Beachbody On Demand. SO AMAZING. i didn’t think i’d do it but i sure did! We started with P90X core synergistics, which i haven’t done in ages! i love that workout but holy core batman! it’s a tough one! and i forgot how much i LOVE tony! so fun. anyways that was an hour. then i did a half hour BodyBeast total body workout. again, bodybeast isn’t my favorite workout program but i LOVE lifting heavy weights. so that was awesome and i got to use my pull up bar which i haven’t done for a long time. then 21 day fix extreme plyo workout. lots of jumping with weights! I seriously wanted to quit during this 30 minute workout. like at the 18 minute mark i’d been working out for just under two hours. that little voice in my head kept telling me “it’s OK to quit… you’ve worked out SO hard today… you’re totally good”. and then i kept going. every time you choose to keep going even when you want to quit you get stronger. not just physically but mentally… you’re teaching yourself that YES YOU CAN! so that was awesome. and finally was insanity asylum recovery which was lots of awesome and well deserved stretching. felt SO good! i’ve never enjoyed a shake as much as i did that morning!


After that morning adventure i did the coolest thing EVER. i got a dog. THE CUTEST DOG IN THE WORLD. i’m telling you he’s the best! it’s a bit overwhelming to have a dog that you don’t know very well but i know over time it’ll get easier. we’re just so new to each other we don’t know what to do with each other yet! So far he seems amazing and hasn’t peed all over my house so i consider that a win!


We were out getting the dog for so long we skipped lunch and were STARVING when we got home so ordered a delicious vegan pizza from the amazing zpizza. I had planned on a cheat meal saturday so that worked out perfectly! I’m so completely smitten with this doggie! Just need to figure out how to fit him into my cray cray life!

Breakfast: Shakeo + berries (red + purple)
Lunch/Dinner: zPizza (CHEAT!)
Snack: Larabar (Purple + Blue) (**dates aren’t 21DF approved but i’ll count ’em as purple)

Happy halloween!!


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