Max:30 Day 7

REST DAY!! ok… play with the new dog day. I love how much walking i’m getting in with the new dog! gives me an excuse to get outside more and walk around a lot more! i wish he were better around other dogs though… it’s so stressful for me when i see another dog because i don’t know how he’ll react! But we’ll get there.

I decided to take a rest day to prep for the week ahead & recover from the tough workout yesterday. my body just needed a break and i’ll be honest… my first night with the new dog didn’t get me much sleep! i let him sleep in my bed with me and i was worried i was going to roll over onto him all night!

I did have a HUGE cheat but it was so worth it. there was a vegan festival in orange county that my sister went to (i stayed home with the pups) and she brought me back a box of donuts. VEGAN DONUTS. so amazing. and she got a pumpkin one specially for me. so i had that and it was awesome. i also had some leftover pizza from last night. so not my best day but ended the night with SUPER easy to throw together party pizzas! Super clean and super delicious! Ready to kick ass this week!


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