PiYo: Day 4 (Thursday) — Define: Upper Body

today was some PiYo upper body and it’s only 20 minutes long and feels more like a core workout… but let me tell ya i’m already feeling it! yep. this is why i love PiYo- you don’t even realize you’re working! I added on some PiYo live round 42, which is the newest one i’m learning. that lower body routine is BRUTAL. so many squats and lunges… feeling that too! love it!

today was a pretty productive day! woke up early enough to take the dog for a longer walk and got to watch the sun rising over the mountains… i LOVE our early morning walks! though it’s a little chilly. had a really productive day at work where i had a nice balance of meetings and free time to get things done. love days like that! after work spent some time relaxing with my sister before jumping on a webinar– pretty interesting stuff but i was distracted most of the time so i’ll have to re-watch.


then headed to my friend Marina’s raw vegan cooking class- SO effing good. seriously if someone could make me raw food all day every day i could go raw. i love how creative raw food can be. we started with a delicious pudding of dates and persimmons that i’ll definitely be making! then we made a raw lasagna that was incredible. i usually hate raw tomatoes but when they’re mixed with so much other awesome stuff they’re pretty tasty! (AKA they don’t taste like tomatoes) The lasagna layers were a spinach pesto, zucchini noodles, marinated mushrooms, and tomato sauce. i seriously couldn’t believe how good this meal was! Check out Marina’s website here! I’ll write a whole post about raw foods and my take on them later for sure!


so here’s my daily breakdown:

breakfast: shakeolgy + greens boost + focused energy boost + 1/2 banana (1 red, 1 purple)
lunch: garlic & greens soup + bread & dill dip + creamed kale + dilly rice (2 greens, 2 yellows, 1 red)
snack: popcorn (1 yellow, 2 tsp)
dinner: rawmazing food! persimmon date pudding + raw lasagna (1 purple, 2 greens, 1 orange, 1 blue)


feeling awesome and ready to take on tomorrow! also i got my super rad hydra coach water bottle that counts how much water i’m drinking and i’m definitely getting enough so that’s awesome!

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