Shift Shop: Sneak Peek of Speed:25

I got to try the new Shift Shop program today on demand (if you’re a subscriber of Beachbody On Demand you have access TODAY too!! plus you’ll automatically get the whole program when it’s released in July) and dude. it was intense.

i looooove Chris Downing!! he’s so… nice? motivating? encouraging? he was really amazing. i loved his tag lines… i feel like every beachbody trainer has their go to lines or phrases. Shaun T gets you to dig deep… Tony Horton gets you to do your best and forget the rest… Autumn Calabrese gets you to be stronger than your excuses. And Chris Downing wants you to get better- no matter where you’re at you’re always working on getting better. who can argue with that?! so amazing.

the structure of the program will be three weeks of workouts with a different nutrition plan based on the week you’re in. The first week is 25 minute workouts, the second week is 35 minutes, and the last week is 45 minutes.

Just based on what i know so far and what I did today i can’t freaking wait to rock this program!! it’s for anyone no matter what fitness level you’re at and he legit explained all the modifier moves, which i LOVE!! in some of the other beachbody workouts they don’t really get into detail on all of the modifiers moves but he took the time to explain all the moves PLUS the modified versions before going into a move (and we got a water break!) so that was amazing.

i loved the intensity of this workout, the amazing modifications you could make to make it work for you, and how freaking high my heart rate got and stayed for like an hour after i was done. can’t wait to do this program for realsies starting July 30th!! (the program is released July 12 but I’m finishing the master’s hammer & chisel til then). Wanna join me??? Comment below or shoot me an email! i’d love to rock it with you!!

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