Shift Shop: Vegan Meal Planning

When I saw the Shift Shop meal plan i kinda freaked out a bit- week three is NO CARBS! well… you get carbs of course. fruit is the bomb. but you aren’t “supposed to” eat things like potatoes. The carby options for shift shop in general are pretty restrictive- basically it’s squash, potatoes, and beans/legumes. No tortillas. No bread. No pasta. No quinoa. No rice. WHAT?! this is how i survive!


it’s only three weeks. the last week is only one week. and it even says, if you’re vegan, stick with the week 1 meal plan. basically DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. if you’re hungry (and it’s real legit hunger) eat more. if you do more things (like my triathlon training) eat more. if you want to eat something that’s not listed (like beyond chicken) eat it. so that’s kind of how i’m approaching the plan. i’m going to try to stick to it as much as possible but i’m definitely going to be upping my calories to the next plan up to account for the extra workouts i’m doing.

here’s my plan for the three weeks following plan A. i *will* add more food to this. and i’ll keep you guys posted with how i feel!

All three weeks i plan on rocking tofu scrambles for breakfast. I’ll make a big batch of seasoned scrambled tofu (just tofu & herbs/spices) and a huge batch of sauteed veggies & then portion it all out for each day. when it’s time to eat i’ll mix it all up. I’ll also rock my smoothies for morning snacks w/whatever fruit i have around. Usually it’s 1/2 frozen banana. sometimes it’s berries. Maybe some mango.

Week 1’s tahini dressing will use 2tsp tahini mixed with water, garlic, salt, and nutritional yeast. nope… nooch isn’t part of the meal plan. yep… i still plan on eating it. For the potato hash I’m going to roughly follow this recipe but without all the added oil.

Week 2’s citrus dressing will be vinegar, mustard, orange juice (fresh squeezed), salt, EVOO, and maybe some sweetener like maple syrup or erythritol. That’s *if* i feel motivated enough to make my own dressing. perhaps i’ll just buy some Just Caesar dressing and call it a day! To make tempeh bacon i just steam tempeh and then sautee in a little bit of tamari & liquid smoke. During week 2 i’ll be moving into a new apartment soooo odds are good i’ll be doing whatever is quickest and easiest! plus who knows how set up my kitchen will even be!

Week 3 will be a travel week for me so i’ll be going out to eat for dinner a couple times. Makes things a LOT trickier! *but* i’ll just do my best and not worry about being perfect. i’ll just make the best choices i can! I will stop at the grocery store as soon as i get there to get fresh arugula, beyond chicken, and veggie burgers for my lunches. the side veggie burger may or may not happen- i might just do double chicken in the salad. for the breakfasts & dinners i’ll pack that ahead of time. for the tofu burger crumbles i’ll use the whole frozen/defrosted tofu strategy to make the crumbles and will season with tamari, poultry seasoning, garlic powder, and other spices until it has a delicious flavor that i like!

I can’t wait to get started and see how rocking the meal plan w/this awesome program works!! i will be doing triathlon training almost every day as well so i definitely need to add extra protein & carbs- i’ll keep you guys posted! Don’t forget to follow me on insta & fb for deets!

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