Colombia Day 5: Medellin

Note to self: well vodka isn’t good for you. Also mixing a million different types of booze doesn’t feel good.

Woke up super hungover and tired. The bed was super comfy and I slept through one of our roommates falling out of the bed (!!) but still felt exhausted. Went across the street for a super delicious breakfast açaí bowl and avocado toast but couldn’t finish either or my cup of coffee.

I loved the cute breakfast place because it’s also a dance studio! How rad is that?? After food we went back across the street to the hostel to change because I wore pants to breakfast and the day turned HOT. We jumped in a cab and headed over to comuna 13 to check out all the graffiti.

It was definitely a swervy cab ride and I got super nauseous crammed into the back seat of the cab 🚕 with practically no air flow and a long drive. But we survived and all got sprites to settle our stomachs. We walked around the beautiful area enjoying all the art!

There were some spectacular views of the city too!! I was super bummed I felt so crappy all day but glad I made it!

After that we took a cab back to the hostel in terrrrrible traffic and got lost a few times but made it back safe and sound. Took a little nap/rest break and got to listen to more incredible thunderstorms.

For dinner we headed to a super cute place across the street that we had seen when we first got here. It was a little garden area with a Vietnamese and Thai place! The Vietnamese restaurant had both vegan and vegetarian options clearly marked! A couple of us got food to go from the Vietnamese spot to bring back to the Thai spot where our other friends were eating. We enjoyed a delicious meal with delicious drinks in a super cool spot. Loved the vibe in there!

After dinner we took an Uber to pueblito paisas- a replica of an old town in Medellin. It was pretty dead and not much to do/see/eat but there were beautiful views of the city that pictures didn’t quite capture!

We then headed to Parque Lleras which is the area where there are tons of bars and restaurants and guys in the street offering free shots/drinks to go into their bar. It was definitely poppin as the night got later! We first went to la octava where my coworker suggested we go without googling it first. So we did and I recommend you do the same.

After that adventure we stopped in a couple spots that were too loud to chat until we found la curva. Super cute, good music, and sugary sweet mojitos. Our friend joe from the cartagena hostel came and met up with us for a drink too! Super fun night and glad I got to enjoy Parque Lleras!

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