Colombia Day 6: Medellin to Bogotá

Our time in Medellin was way too short!!! Woke up nice and early and Robyn and i headed to a super cute French cafe down the street for some breakfast. I got another açaí bowl and she got a beautiful buttery croissant. I also got a delicious almond milk latte- it was a nice treat!!

After our delicious breakfast we headed back to the hostel to pack up before our quick flight to bogota. On our way to the airport (about an hour drive) we saw tons of cyclists biking! Like… San Diego style. Apparently every Sunday for a few hours cyclists get to use the right lane! I have no idea how they survive with just one day a week of cycle time- made me even more grateful for where I live!

Our Latam flight was less than an hour and before we knew it we were in a new city! I am already in love with Bogotá. Big cities are so alive they just make me happy. After checking in at our hostel (definitely not nearly as nice or pleasant as the last two) we headed out for food. Luckily thanks to happy cow I knew of a bunch of super close spots with vegan food! We went to la hamburgueseria and the food was amazing!

After our delicious lunch (I got the lentil burger and a glass of wine) we went to the pub- an Irish type bar with awesome drinks, giant Jenga, ping pong and all sorts of awesome. Also I just found out there’s a ping pong 🏓 emoji! 😂

After a drink at the pub and getting one to go we headed back to the hostel where Robyn and I had our own rooftop dance party enjoying the views and listening to the jams the hostel bartender was playing getting ready for the evening’s bbq.

After some dancing and chatting we headed back down and met tony who is traveling from Melbourne and working at the hostel for now. He was getting things ready for the bbq rocking a puffy winter coat and shorts- it definitely gets cold here at night!

We hung out in the garden/bar area of the hostel and enjoyed 2×1 happy hour cocktails until around 9:30 (the power went out for a bit but the party didn’t stop!) and then I went to bed and the other girls went back to the pub. Great first day in Bogotá!

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