Fun new vegan finds!

I feel like even when I’m eating clean it’s my responsibility to try new vegan products to share with you, right? Right! at least that’s what i tell myself!

so today i went to whole foods, which i rarely do. i rarely go grocery shopping any more actually. for this reason. i buy lots of random crap i don’t need!! in line at the cash register today i bought two bars and a cookie. who needs any of that?! but it does open my eyes to the fun things that are coming out and i do love trying everything!

so the first thing i tried tonight was the new Upton’s Naturals cheesy Bacon Mac. As a Chicago girl i’ a huge fan of upton’s. i loved their seitan before they opened their restaurant and when i went to the restaurant i fell in love with everything but especially the fried cheesy bacon mac! it’s just so dang good. so when i saw the box on the shelf at whole foods i knew i had to try it.

so first of all the ingredients. it’s a different kind of sauce than some of the other brands. of course made cheesy by nutritional yeast. there’s also rice bran oil and evaporated cane juice,which i don’t love. the rest is pretty legit. the bacon seitan is pretty legit too. all clean things i’d eat regularly. and the pasta is just wheat flour. For the tiny amount of bacon that was in there, there are 20g of protein in the box! pretty sweet the serving size is pretty small- 1/2 the box. And i swear it wouldn’t feed a small child. i know i eat big portions but seriously. this was tiny. so a whole box has 540 calories, which isn’t terrible for a box of decadent mac & cheeze.

so how was it? pretty great. it wouldn’t convince a non-vegan to go vegan or anything and it wasn’t the best mac and cheeze i’ve ever had… even out of a box. but it was pretty darn good and the bacon… man upton’s really knows how to make good seitan! so would i get it again? for sure!!! it’s like the easiest thing in the world to make!! you just stir the cheeze sauce into the noodles & heat it up. microwave = 1 minute, stove top = 3 minutes. doesn’t get much quicker or easier than that!

The next thing i tried was a health warrior chia bar- the vanilla almond flavor. don’t worry you guys- i’ll take one for the team and try the other flavors too. so this was delicious. super tasty snack/dessert but man. not good for you.

i mean i think it’s better than a snickers? but not really sure. it does have chia seeds, which are really good for you!! and oats. but there’s lots of brown rice syrup, agave, and natural flavors sooooo not a good choice but better than lots of other crap that’s out there! plus it’s delicious. so for a dessert once in a while? sure! i’d definitely grab this again. or during a race. hmm… this is chocked full of quick burning sugar so maybe it would be good for that. i’ll have to test it out!

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