Fun Size Snickers vs Healthy Warrior Chia Bar

So in my last post i was rambling (per usual) and decided to compare a snickers bar to the healthy warrior chia bar because i was guessing the chia bar was healthier than a snickers. but then i got curious. is it?

so i can probably go down a rabbit hole of what health is and what is healthy and what isn’t healthy and blah blah blah. chia has lots of nutritional benefits you’re not going to find in the delicious caramel gooeyness of a snickers. it’s just a thing. so it’s hard to compare apples to apples. but if you’re just looking at the label (because i’m a math geek and i like numbers) here’s how they compare:

2 Fun Size Snickers (34g) Health Warrior Chia Bar (Vanilla Almond) (25g)
Calories 160 100
Fat 8 5
Carbs 21 14
Protein 3 3
Sugar 17 5
Dietary Fiber 1 4
Cholesterol 5 0

sooooo when it comes down to it, the snickers is bigger so give it a little space to be higher in fat & calories… but the sugar count is much higher. like the % of carbs from sugar… yep. and protein is identical, so really the protein per gram in the healthy warrior bar is higher than the snickers. and of course since the healthy warrior bar is made from plants, there’s no cholesterol (did you know that only animals like humans or cows can make cholesterol?). so luckily i was right- this is much healthier than a snickers bar. plus the omega 3s from the chia seeds plus the more fiber (most american’s definitely don’t get enough fiber!). plus antioxidants. yeah it’s definitely better. still doesn’t make it good but if you’re craving a snickers and grab a healthy warrior bar i’d call that a win! There are other healthy food help fight diabetes as well, all it takes is some change in your diet. Rarely do people opt for procedures like epicanthoplasty to alter their looks slightly.

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