Juice Cleanse: Day 1 Down!


Cashew milk = the best part of a cleanse. making it through the day knowing this is coming at the end is so much easier.



so after one full day of cleansing i have a few things i’m not a fan of on this cleanse, though the quality of the juices is awesome. they all taste delicious and unlike other cleanses i’ve done i’m not choking down anything or struggling through a juice.

HOWEVER. there are only four different flavors on this cleanse- green, red, lemonade, and cashew milk. i’m used to having six. the variety helps when all you can do is dream about… juice. though i will say i’ve been dreaming about food all night playing on pinterest and planning my post-cleanse meals.

another thing i don’t like about this cleanse are the bottles. i’m dripping little spots everywhere and if you don’t cap them really well they’re super leaky. so that’s unfortunate. and i got bright red and green juice all over my desk at work, which nobody likes.

but the juice is delicious and it’s only a three day cleanse so i can’t really complain too much. if it were longer i might have more gripes but i only have two days left so it won’t be too bad.

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