Meal Plan: Week of 12/31/18

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! I freaking LOVE this time of year! christmas is my FAVORITE and i love everything about it- the clothes, the lights, the festive mood! I guess i don’t love the crazy crowds. at places but i don’t really leave the house much hahaha

AND it’s the new year! time for reflecting back on all the amazing things i did the year prior, what things i want to do more of and less of, things i want to do better, and then i get to look ahead! Making plans and setting goals! it’s so freaking fun and totally energizes me!!

2018 was full of so many amazing things like finishing my first ironman and getting my passport stamped in canada… finally! but i have totally fallen off my healthy eating & regular exercise routine since the ironman and i need a big kick in the ass to get back on track! so here we go. I’m starting a new workout program (what’s up Shaun T!) on January 14 (let me know if you wanna join me!) and eating clean! i’m going back to trusty 21 day fix style eating- not super strict and not saying “i can’t eat that” or anything but trying to make sure i stick roughly to the container system. For my weight/activity level that means i get 5 green containers, 1 purple container, 3 red containers, 3 yellow A containers, 1 yellow B container, 1 blue container, 1 orange container, and 2 teaspoons. In plain english?

5 servings of veggies
1 serving of fruit
3 servings of protein (tofu, tempeh, beans, etc)
3 healthy carbs (oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice)
1 processed carb (pasta, potatoes, waffles, tortillas)
1 healthy fat (avocado, coconut milk, hummus)
1 healthy fat in a smaller container (flax, chia, olives)
2 teaspoons of a nut butter or oil

SO for week 1 here’s my plan:

Loaded Nacho Fries from the hot for food cookbook: (I’m making my own salsa, sour cream, & nacho cheeze recipes though)

Roasted Veggies:

Orange Tofu & Veggie Fried Rice: It’s from the Hot for Food cookbook

Quinoa Pudding:

Again… i’m not trying to be perfect. All the foods I’m eating aren’t 21 day fix approved. But they’ll help me get back on track eating normal human portions of the kinds of food i want to put in my body.

So let’s wrap up 2018 and acknowledge all the awesomeness of the year and get 2019 ready to rock!! WE GOT THIS.

happy new year! xo

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