Meal preppin for 1/7

First full week of the year is here! How was the first half week of the year? Well… let’s just say I could’ve done better. There was a strawberry cake, too many cookies, and a hot fudge sundae but also got in loads of veggies and whole grains and can tell my body is craving that healthy food again! Baby steps!

I’m loving the hot for food cookbook so decided to try a few more recipes next week! Yes… I’m eating two yellow containers from the lower quality carbs but that’s ok- I’m not trying to be perfect here!! And I couldn’t resist trying a recipe called the BEST vegan ramen, ya know?

So the Caesar and ramen recipes are from the hot for food cookbook and the burrito and scramble are just gonna be made up as I’m cooking.

Anyone have any other cookbook suggestions for once I’m done with hot for food??

Hope your new year is off to an amazing start!!

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