Meal Plan: Week of January 14, 2019

So excited for these recipes!! And to rock the first week of my new 20 minute a day workout program! i *know* if i stick to my meal plan & workouts i *will* get results so i’m going to stick to this food 80% of the time. yep… still gonna live my life! because i have to. and if i ever try to be crazy restrictive with my eating it totally backfires. just getting myself under control these last few weeks has felt great! i’ve definitely cheated more than 80% of the time so i’m gonna do better at tracking that too- 80% of 21 meals/week = 4 cheats/week. i already know i’m going out to kindred tomorrow night so that leaves 3 cheats through sunday. i totally got this!

Recipes for this week came from a few different sources:

Savory Turmeric Walnut Oatmeal Bowl: It’s from the fall issue of vegnews. Basically oats + turmeric + spinach + walnuts + lots of yummy seasoning! 

Shakeo: Order from Beachbody

Mushroom Leek Quiche: From the hot for food vegan comfort classics cookbook but similar to this recipe

Green Bean Casserole: From the Fixate cooking show on beachbody on demand. so excited to try this healthier alternative to one of my favorite meals!

Bahn Mi Bowl: Once again from the hot for food vegan comfort classics cookbook but similar to this recipe but uses tofu and not tempeh. and it’s a bowl, not a sandwich. and i’m using this BBQ sauce

And in the spirit of full disclosure, I am an Amazon affiliate but i would *NEVER* share anything with you that i didn’t use and love myself! Use my links or go there on your own- i just want to help you find the good stuff!

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