Fresh VS Frozen: Which is Healthier?

November 16, 2014 at 0119PM (1)

I lovelovelove me some fresh fruits and veggies!! When I go to the farmer’s market i get a little crazy because i love everything colorful and delicious looking. What’s that? A sample of a pear? Don’t mind if i do!

But I travel. A lot. And it’s hard for me to always eat all my fresh fruits & veggies before they go bad and I also like to have some stuff always on hand for when i come back from a trip & don’t have time to get to the store. I always figured fresh was better for you than frozen- I mean it has to be right?


Much to my (yay) surprise, Dr. Greger taught me that there’s “no statistically significant differences between the… [antioxidant levels] for fresh and frozen strawberries” ( Check out the source article for more deets but the good news is research has shown (at least in strawberries & raspberries) that we’re still getting those great antioxidants from fresh AND frozen.

Personally I like to throw some frozen berries into my shakes every day so I can get (a) antioxidants, (b) the second B in G-BOMBS, and (c) a thicker, slushier consistency to my shakes. So I’ll keep on doing that and enjoy fresh when I can and not feel bad when I can’t get the fresh because the frozen are good for me too!


Do you prefer fresh or frozen fruits and veggies?

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