Insanity MAX:30- The Real Deal

If you follow my fitness journey you know I’ve been doing Insanity MAX:30 lately. I started in December and re-started in January after a week off during the holidays. Here’s everything you need to know about Shaun T’s latest and greatest program:

What Is It?

MAX:30 is trying to tire you out. When you “max out” that means you had to take your first break. Write down the time and then jump right back into it! The workout is similar to the original insanity but takes it even further. Mostly cardio moves with lots of squats, push ups, and ab work thrown in. And the tabata power DVD has an especially brutal tricep section that kills me every time! Even doing the modifier option I get crazy sweaty- so much so that even after a shower I’m still sweating!

Insanity max 30 faces labeled

What I Love:

By the time you think “well i’m done- i’m gonna quick” the half hour is up. A half hour will never pass so fast in your life! Everything is broken down so well into short bursts of work that it makes the time go really fast and makes everything seem manageable. “Oh- I only have to do this move for 20-30 seconds? And then i get a break? Perfect!” Fitness is so mental that having those chunks really helps. Plus Shaun T is incredibly motivating and knows just when to give you that extra push you need to kick a little higher and dig a little deeper! I also love the modifier tracks. Since I’m still gimpy from my plantar fasciitis I can’t jump at all but this is the first program I’ve done where there’s a modifier option to watch the modifier the whole time the DVD is playing- it’s like a split screen. It’s so fantastic so I always know what to do to modify a move- I don’t have to wait until the camera pans over to the modifier. And even doing the modified versions of everything I feel like I’m getting in an incredible workout- I can’t wait until I’m healthy again and can see what kind of results i can get by doing it for real!

What I Didn’t Love:

I don’t love doing the same workouts for four weeks. There’s your monday workout, your tuesday/thursday workout, your wednesday workout, and your friday workout. and you do those same programs for four weeks. Then you switch and have the same thing for the next four weeks. I have fitness ADD so I like a little more variety- I think three weeks of that is OK but for some reason four weeks is just one week too long for me to be that repetitive.

Is MAX:30 For You?

You will have to push yourself, there’s no doubt about it. If you want something slow paced or you want to ease into fitness and not work too hard at first, don’t go with max:30. The whole idea is pushing yourself to YOUR max, whatever level you’re at. so if you’re not ready to work hard, pick a different program. But if you are ready to commit and create some real change in your body, max:30 is definitely right for you. Order here or comment below with any questions you have! (or email me!)

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