Day 7: Bogotá

After a rough night of sleep (the beds were SUPER creaky!) got up early to check out the breakfast the hostel offered. Got a delish bowl of papaya and some plain toast and a fruit smoothie.

Then we got ready and headed to the plaza by our hostel for a bike tour. The tour was AMAZING! It was free and hosted by Gran Colombia Tours. Luis was our guide and he was the bessssst!!

The biking was a bit scary at times with crazy traffic and motorcycles and weird traffic lights but there were also lots of great bike lanes and other cyclists on the road.

We had a few stops on the tour and went like 7 miles total I think? We first went to the Bolívar plaza and got an awesome history lesson and deeper understanding of the difference between Narcos and reality.

Then we went to the bullfighting ring where they host a few fights a year. We got to see through pictures outside the ring how the city of bogota has changed over the last 40 years and got a brief history and understanding around why that surge in population happened.

Our next stop included a taste of a few different local juices and a full glass of whatever our favorite was! It was definitely refreshing and much needed!

Then we headed to a pet spa that also had a restaurant inside where we got to sample some delicious potatoes (and some sausage for those that eat that stuff). Perfect timing because I was getting hangry!

We then got to ride around the graffiti area and got to see more of the beautiful street art of Colombia. I legit can’t get enough of the incredible colors of this city!

We had a photo op for the whole group and headed back to our hood up a super steep hill! Definitely would have been handy to have gears and a lighter bike!

After dropping off the bikes we went back to la hamburgueseria and got a delicious lunch. After lunch Daniella and I headed back to the hostel to relax and Robyn and Cindy had some fun adventures!! After a couple hours of rest Daniella and I met back up with them for some beers at the BBC brewery.

After a beer there we headed back to the hostel for some warmer clothes and ventured back out to find good drink specials. Our first stop was the Selina hostel down the street that had 2×1! So obviously we each got 2.

Then we found a cute spot that had mozzarella sticks and other snacks so we popped in for a drink there where I got something that had vodka and white wine and some red juice things and tasted like kid’s medicine. They also had amazing music (hey born slippy!) and a fun vibe. But no mozzarella sticks. The wine was like $1/glass though so we enjoyed it there!

We then were in search of real food (we had some papas at that spot) and ended up in a little dive that offered us shots for super cheap. It was aguardiente though! Sooo gross. But I enjoyed my vodka version. You had to pick a color and I got blue, which was made with triple sec. not sure what else was in there but it was definitely a lot of work to make!

After drinks we found a great dinner spot called gato Gris and I got the most delicious tofu salad + papas. And another bizarre sweet drink. So. Much. Sugar. The spot also had amaaaazing live music and was so freaking cute! And the prices in this city are really low so we have been able to enjoy lots of meals out on the cheap!

A super fun last night in bogota!!

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