Day 8: bogota > DFW > SAN

Last day of the trip was technically a travel day but our flight was at 11:25 pm so basically we had a full day. So to make the most of it Robyn and I started with a delicious breakfast at a vegetarian spot called Restaurante Loto Azul Vegetariano. It was sooo good! We got there and the dude goes “we have one thing: tamal” and points to it and tells us it’s filled with potatoes and chickpeas and seitan and carrots and peas etc. I asked if it had queso o leche and he replied “no- es vegano”. Yay!!! I got excited and he says “si- vegano. You’re home now.” ❤️❤️ loved this dude. So we got the tamal thing and it was delicious!!! Full of good things seasoned really well!! And we got some random slices of bread on the side as well as some tea made from fruit and herbs. Amazing.

After breakfast we headed back to the hostel to relax until noon checkout. They had a super cozy relaxing common area so we hung out there a bit while waiting to head to Montserrate, where the cable cars didn’t start til noon.

Once at Monseratte we found out the cable cars were closed so we had to take the funicular- a train that goes straight up the mountain. Only like $6usd each round trip. Not too shabby! It was a little terrifying but had beautiful views. But definitely not something I’d take my mom on!

Once at the top the views were so worth it but you could definitely tell you were at a super high elevation!

After soaking up the ridiculous beauty we went to get food at a spot that wasn’t super vegan friendly but I was super happy with my rice + avocado + fries. I swear every avocado here is perfectly ripe!

After lunch we shopped at the little market for a bit and got a poncho to warm Cindy up! Girl wore a sun dress! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Then a quick photo shoot because the light poking through the clouds was so beautiful!

After that we were freezing so we headed down the way we came. The ride back down was much quicker and less scary for sure.

After our adventure we got a super cheap cab back to the hostel and relaxed before heading out to our last dinner in bogota. We had Italian and it was amaaazing! I got a veggie pizza without the cheese 😍

After dinner it was time to head to the airport- the day flew by!

Colombia was full of life and color and so many amazing people! My first hostel experience was pretty great with a few bumps in the road. Im going to do a separate post about the hostels we stayed in and a summary of all the restaurants/tours we did. For now it’s off to sleep for the six hour flight to Dallas before our final flight to San Diego!! Can’t wait to get home to see my puppy!!

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