Sure… sure… sure… sure… Unsure… unsure… unsure… unsure…

Anyone know what that subject is referencing? My mind is so weird. It’s from an old deodorant commercial where there are people at a concert and they show the person that is wearing the sure deodorant getting all excited because they can throw their hands in the air (and wave them like they just don’t care) and the other person isn’t raising their arms because they aren’t wearing the Sure deodorant so they don’t want to stink the place up. Why am I talking about deodorant commercials you ask? Because I’m here to tell you about a protective diet! And when I started thinking about the meaning of the word “protective” deodorant somehow popped into my mind. So there you have it.


Anyways… now that we’ve ventured into the scary black hole of ADD that is my brain, let’s talk protective diet!! So… what is it? Why does it work? Do you have to follow it 100%?

The simplest way to describe the protective diet is that it is plant based, oil free, sugar free, nut free, and additive free. It’s so much more than that- that makes it sound so restrictive! But in a nutshell that’s a high level description of the diet (again… diet does NOT mean some weird way of restricting yourself for a few weeks before you fall off the wagon and binge eat- it just describes the types of food a person eats).   Another great way to describe it is as a health promoting diet- all of the foods you’re eating are designed to make you healthier. Do you want cancer? Yeah… me neither. So I want to do everything possible to help prevent it. And if there is science showing that eating or not eating certain foods will help protect me from cancer and other diseases? Yep… I’m definitely all about trying them. YES. I eat sugar. But I really don’t want to. It’s super addicting and I know one day my life will be sugar free… but I’m on my journey to get there still and I hope you’ll join me!


Salad w/daily dressing, breadsticks, & creamy potato kale soup



I got into a protective diet because I kept seeing pictures on facebook that Julie Christensen (the creator of the protective diet) was posting that looked delicious! She would post pictures of nachos at 10pm saying she was having a quick late night snack. I figured any way I could eat nachos at 10pm and not be unhealthy was cool by me! So I started reading more about it and sure enough the science all makes sense. Now… am I saying you should eat unlimited plates of nachos every night at 10pm? Nope! But if you use the right ingredients for your meals you can definitely eat delicious decadent food and find yourself getting healthier and healthier.


When you enroll in the protective diet education program you’re not only getting recipes (new recipes weekly yo!) but you’re learning about the foods you should and shouldn’t be putting in your body. You’re learning how to travel and stay healthy on the road. You’re learning about why hot sauce is the bomb and how to properly choose a knife to cut all your veggies for your chopped salad. You’ll learn about why microwaves are scary (I still use a microwave occasionally but mostly mine is for storage). You’ll learn about food additives and the weird sneaky names for them. I find that when you understand the reasoning behind why you should do something it’s so much easier to stick to it!


SO should you eat a protective diet 100% of the time? Is it OK to cheat and have oil-cooked popcorn once a month? And a piece of candy every now and then? Do what you want! Whatever works for you is the right thing to do. But know that when you put that junk in your body, you’re literally poisoning yourself. AND when you eat sugar, it makes you crave more sugar. Even eating high sugar foods like dates can make you crave sugar. So avoiding it is really best. It’s like smoking… some people can quit smoking and still have a cigarette every now and then. It’s like poison in your body and you feel crappy after you do it (though that nicotine buzz might make you feel good for a few minutes). But if you can have that one cigarette at a party and then not think about smoking again til the next party months later then high five to you! Will it give you cancer? Not likely. Will you get emphysema? Probably not. But is it worth it? To risk going back to smoking? To hurt your body for that few minutes of pleasure? For me it’s not. I used to smoke and then I became a social smoker. And then I started being more social so I could justify smoking. “I’ll only smoke if I’m drinking” and then I’d pour myself a glass of wine so I could have a cigarette. “I’ll only smoke if I’m hanging out with Beverly because she’s a smoker too” and then I’d hang out with Beverly more. So sugar is like that too! Once you have it you’re more likely to have it again and again. And let me tell you… the more you eat a protective diet the more your taste buds change and you don’t even want the oil or the sugar! And if you accidentally have them you feel gross and the food doesn’t even taste good.


Noodles with nutritional yeast sauce + Awesome Sauce


So going 100% is definitely better for long term success and results but again… do what’s right for you. Eating less sugar and oil is never a bad thing. Including more health promoting foods in your diet is obviously a great idea! So however you want to incorporate a protective diet into your life, I’m here to help! And here’s my favorite recipe (so far) for you to enjoy! There are over 100 free recipes on the site too so don’t worry if you’re not ready to fully commit yet! Check out the tomato cream sauce over pasta w/spinach here:


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