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    • IMAZ Course Preview Weekend

      IMAZ Course Preview Weekend

      I wish I had been blogging this whole journey to my first ironman! Alas with three weeks to go I’ll start now. Better late than never? So… excel and beyond coaching hosted a fully supported bike course preview (support vehicles and amaaaa...

      November 14, 2018
    • IMCA 70.3 Race Review – 2018

      IMCA 70.3 Race Review – 2018

      Total Time: 7:28:00 Swim: 45:47 (2:25/100… but i did 200 extra so my actual time on my garmin is 1:58/100) T1:4:58 (thanks for my fastest T1 time ever, volunteers!) Bike: 3:49:13 (23.08kmph, 14.34mph) T2: 3:52 Run: 2:44:11 (7:05 min/km, 12:32 m...

      August 01, 2018
    • What do you pack for a 545 mile bike ride? My ALC packing journey!

      What do you pack for a 545 mile bike ride? My ALC packing journey!

      I’m so excited/nervous/terrified/pumped to embark on a 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles the first week of June. The full ride is 7 days and takes you down the coast of California to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS. Ea...

      May 16, 2018
    • 80 Day Obsession Week 4

      80 Day Obsession Week 4

      It’s been a challenging first 21 days of adjusting to the higher demands of 80 day obsession- higher than any program i’ve ever tried before!! Not only are you doing super tough workouts but you’re also adjusting to a new way of eat...

      February 05, 2018
    • Vegan Keto: Day 4

      Vegan Keto: Day 4

      so it’s been an interesting few days! The hardest part of this whole keto thing is mental. truly i crave pasta and chips and popcorn like 24/7. so this is really hard for me and i find myself constantly thinking “is this right for me? sho...

      December 08, 2017
    • Vegan Keto?!

      Vegan Keto?!

      I’ve decided to try it again. I’ve tried it before… kinda. But this time i’m really going to give it the good ol’ college try. And i’m not going to stress about it. I’m doing the one3one program from Chalene ...

      December 05, 2017
    • 3 Reasons to Surround Yourself with Like-minded People

      3 Reasons to Surround Yourself with Like-minded People

      Fresh off that beautiful thing i like to call a conference high. Conferences are so inspiring! invigorating! motivating! After a conference whether it’s about getting your life together, starting your own business, all the new things coming ou...

      July 23, 2016
    • Things I’ve Learned From Vegas

      Things I’ve Learned From Vegas

      I love the vegas. I first went to vegas in 1997 with my parents and I had just gone through a crazy experience: i fell down a mountain. But I was just scraped up. I’d survive… there was vegas to see!! I remember having to walk on the path...

      April 06, 2016
    • Boost your Immune System

      Boost your Immune System

      My recent bout with bronchitis and a sinus infection had me wondering about immune support… are there things I could be doing to better boost my immune system? I drink my shakeology every day, which definitely helps, but what else could i b...

      April 05, 2016


PiYo: Day 2 (Tuesday) AKA my Dill-icious Day!

so today’s workout was practicing the same two PiYo sections over and over again. I recorded myself to critique myself but it’s hard to tell how good my cue-ing is because i know the moves so it sounds natural to me but might not be

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PiYo: Day 1 (Monday)

Happy MONDAY!! WOOT WOOT! I love monday mornings. i know… i’m a crazy person. but seriously they are so nice to wake up to because it’s a fresh start. people always say they’ll start things on monday… and

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happy sunday! taking a rest day today since i haven’t done that since last weekend. and recovering from the beers last night! UG! And this is why i want to give up booze. like… forever. i hate feeling sluggish the next day. even if

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Recovery Week: Saturday

some days are so can’t stop won’t stop and you get so much done and it feels so amazing… and some days you just watch a lot of netflix and get a couple things done. today was one of the latter. woke up with GREAT intentions but ...

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Recovery Week: Thursday

So… no more max:30 journey posts. wah wah. I’ll start my PiYo journey on monday and until then i’ll just mix things up a bit with random workouts til then. Today i rode the bike at the gym, tomorrow i’ll do PiYo live

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Recovery Week: Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Woot!! This week has felt all weird… like on tuesday it felt like thursday and yesterday felt like monday. it was weird. in some ways the week flew by and in others it DRAGGED. but we made it!! SO in the spirit of healing my ...

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My Favorite Vegan Recipe Sources

OK… I think we all know I’m a food addict at this point… but where do i get my inspiration?? i have about a million cookbooks but lots of times i use the internet! I know… my poor dusty cookbooks. don’t worry- they

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Max:30 Day 10

You might notice there’s no day 9… yep. i had a mulligan day. i woke up exhausted and after walking the dog i climbed back into bed to do some side work before starting my work day. Then during lunch it was so dreary outside i just

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Max:30 Day 8

KICKASS! i definitely am feeling better than i did last week and my body knows it. i was able to improve on my max out time this week! After just ONE week of doing this consistently and not even that was perfect. i love how quickly your body

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Max:30 Day 7

REST DAY!! ok… play with the new dog day. I love how much walking i’m getting in with the new dog! gives me an excuse to get outside more and walk around a lot more! i wish he were better around other dogs though… it’s so ...

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